OK, more like a 13 hour trip!!!!!  Not all Highway driving.  Beautiful hilly towns....with many, many traffic lights.  Most were red by the time we got to them...and at the bottom of the hill....with a heavy load to get back up the hill....

Really beautiful country, breathtaking views.....so looking forward to riding in the hills.  We will trailer over, check in and register with the folks at ACTHA tommorrow afternoon at the Franklin Family Ranch.  We'll get a better idea what is instore for us the next few days :)

Abo traveled great.  He whinnied this morning at the Covington stables...so glad to see us.....not realizing that another long day in the trailer was in store for him.  Thankfully no rain over all of those LA bridges.....so many bridges!  He totally loved every fuel and rest room stops where he was able to stick his head out (eat a few carrots) and check things out. 

The stable where he is staying in Blanco is between the Ranch and our hotel (a very beautiful hotel in a very Ava-esque setting), all about 5 minutes from eachother....very handy!  She has stallions on the left and mares and geldings on the right.  A WHOLE row of stallions!  Abo was the first "boy" there.  After we checked in to hotel and went back....a whole lot of testosterone going on.  A gorgeous paint moved in next to him - he is in love.....totally.  Fortunately the 11 yr old paint has seen his type before and totally ignored him.  Abo decided hay was more attractive....... eventually.

We'll see what tommorrow brings!
Samantha Brandreth
5/7/2011 09:34:11 pm

GOOD LUCK, Tori and Abo have fun ,)

Beth Brown
5/8/2011 08:43:10 am

Sounds like he is ready to have a great time. Enjoy!!

Kylie sattler
5/8/2011 10:21:37 am

Abo looks great!!! Good luck in your trail rides!! I rode Nikki today in the arena and she didn't feel like doing anything, so no carrots for her! Got alot of work to do when you get back! Have a great time!


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