Close to a 12 hour drive today.  Brought Abo to his horse hotel in Covington.  A 12 x 24 fully fluffed with shavings with a full view of new friends.  He dropped and rolled before I could get the leadrope off.  Totally content with his supper waiting.... nibblenet full, hay feeder in stall full and random piles of hay to keep him happy throughout the night.  Also, a 20 gal crystal clear water tank in stall.  Lucked out with finding this place :)

We are whooped, in our room and ordering pizza!

Should be a 7 hour drive tommorrow to Blanco.  We'll have an early day hopefully to get some rest before the festivities at the Ranch start on Sunday at 11.

Can't beleive we are on our way!
5/6/2011 12:18:00 pm

Welcome to Texas! Best Wishes from Pam & Alexis


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