Today was move in day at the Franklin Family Ranch.  We picked up Abo at his Horse Hotel, and met up with Julie and her FT Manny, there.  We drove the 8 miles to the ranch...twisty, curvey, round and round...fianlly got there.  Bud trimmed a few trees on the way with our trailer......

We were able to arrive there pretty early since we checked in our hotels last night.  They have day pens for the horses not staying at the ranch, set  up under the most beautiful shady spot.  Huge live oaks with acres of shade. 

We signed in at The Lodge...Wow......The kitchen is as big as most of our house.  If I had a kitchen like that...I might actually learn how to cook!  They gave us our packets with all of the AFTH info.  Horse's number to wear on bridle - dressage style (I like our number!)...order and time of go all 3 days.  Tommorrow is the Competitive trail ride over 6 miles.  5 groups of 20 horses....oh my.  I should have taken Abo on Delores's ride to prep him for this many horses!  Celebrity clinicians at each obstacle to JUDGE US.  

Got the horses settled and went into town for lunch with Julie and her team, Waylon & Lynn.............The bust burger I have had in since I don't know when!  Such an historic town square...county seat with court house and a few restuarants ( I now have my favorite!), a step back in time...very western...very small town TX.  Bud loves it.

Julie an I headed back to the ranch to ride!!  Finally!  So many more trailers, horses, RV's...people had arrived.  With all the exciting activity...Abo decided to display his excitement too when I saddled up and hopped on.  I thought someone had switched horses on me!!  He did all those fancy moves purely for show off value to impress all around (definately not me).  Wow.....gald it did not last long...also glad I had my deerskin grippers on :) 

Then met up with JW and his FT Jack.  We all had a great ride around some of the grounds, showed off all of our 3 fine FT's qualities.........., they are all so unique....I love this breed!!!  It amazes me that so many people still do not know what a FT is!!  JW, Julie and I had fun showing off when the questions were asked about our breed :)

Really a beautiful place (Abo climbed his first rock hill!).  All of the riders were interviewed and filmed at random.  The Obstacle Garden promises to be challenging............that is set for Tues and Wed.....ugh...better not think about that now.... 

Bud says, "If you've ever watched an ol' black and white Western Movie, then you've seen this country".

Pictures coming soon!!!!

Hot bath coming up now..........I jumped in the pool at the Hotel

Lisa and Caesar
5/8/2011 02:26:13 pm

Thanks for the updates Tori! Great job on the blog! And thanks for the "Julie report", I am so excited for both of you! Wish Caesar and I could be there too! Good luck tomorrow! (Are you and Julie in the same group by any chance?) I'll be looking forward to reading all your posts! Thanks again for keeping us all informed. My best to all (special hello to Julie and Manny).

Kylie sattler
5/9/2011 10:02:36 am

Hi tori!!
That sounds like alot of fun!! GOOD LUCK and we will see you when you get back but for now go kick some but!!!

5/9/2011 10:11:11 pm

5/9/2011 10:13:48 pm

Enjoying your updates...keep them coming! I am sure you foxtrotters are doing a terrific job representing our breed. Hello to Bud and Julie.

Marian Finco
5/10/2011 12:30:23 pm

Hay Tori,
Love these updates and look forward to hearing about your progress every day.
Best wishes for a great day tomorrow..Tell Bud hello.I bet he s really glad he has had his surgeries now.

Peggy S
5/12/2011 07:42:11 am

This is fantastic! Rooting for both of you. Tell Julie hi from Peggy in Colorado


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